Victorian Bohemian Garnet Crescent Moon and Star Pendant Brooch

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Victorian Bohemian Garnet Crescent Moon and Star Pendant Brooch

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The night sky has been a source of wonder, mystery, magic and intrigue since the dawn of humankind.

For centuries, celestial bodies -- especially the moon and the stars -- have been studied, worshiped, lyricized, romanticized, personified and even immortalized in jewelry.

So it should come as no surprise that those sentimental, hidden-message-loving Victorians couldn't get enough of celestial motifs! 

In the 19th century, crescent moons in jewelry often represented the glorification of the feminine moon goddess, Selene, and symbolized female empowerment. Crescent moons also represented change and displayed the wearer's desire for a new relationship that would one day develop into marriage, much like a crescent moon eventually turning full.

Often complimenting crescent moons in jewelry, stars motifs embodied the need for direction in life and were believed to provide the wearer guidance -- much like how sailors of old looked toward the night sky to navigate their ships through the seas.

When these two magical celestial powerhouses are combined into a piece of jewelry -- such as this one -- and given to you by an admirer or a betrothed, it carries the sweetest secret sentiment that says, "I love you to the moon and back."

If you're not into all of that romantic, love stuff, this thing is pretty witchy, too!

This wonderful piece is set with dozens of dazzling blood red rose cut Bohemian garnets. It can be worn both as a brooch and as a pendant.

Whether you're looking for romance or looking to cast spells, this Victorian beauty is guaranteed to help guide your way!

Additional Details
Date: 1898
Materials: Bohemian garnets, rolled gold plated brass
Measurements: 1 1/4" x 1"
Markings: None
Condition: Very Good
There is a small blemish on the back to the gold plating and some of the plating is darkening around the edges. The original C catch has been replaced with a safety catch and a necklace bail has been somewhat crudely added at some point.
Cleaning and Care
Clean gently with warm soap and water and a soft bristled brush. Lightly polish with a jewelry polishing cloth, if needed.