Let us buy your weird and wonderful old stuff!

Is your great-grandmother's jewelry taking up space and collecting dust in your drawer? Are you a collector who is looking to pare down your collection? Did you stumble upon that one mystery antique that was "too weird" to leave behind, but you just don't know what you're going to do with it? If so, we can help!

We are always searching for interesting, unusual, rare and beautiful antique pieces to add to our shop! No Item can be too old, however, we do prefer to keep our collection pre-1940s (though we will make an exception for something truly incredible).

We prefer to buy items outright, however we also do offer consignment opportunities.

Here are some of the items we are currently buying:

  • Georgian (1700s) through Art Deco (1930s) fine jewelry*
  • Antique men's jewelry items*
  • Mourning items including jewelry, accessories, art and decorative items
  • Memento mori items
  • Pre-1940s funeral items including casket plates, car flags, signs, etc.
  • Early Odd Fellows items
  • Early medical books with illustrations
  • Antique medical tools such as trephines and fleams
  • Georgian and Victorian hair work of any kind
  • Post mortem, hidden mother, unusual photographs and tin types
  • Antique religious items including art, relics, fonts and housewares
  • Poison bottles
  • Pre-1940s Ouija/talking boards and mystical items
  • Anything else macabre, unusual or breathtakingly beautiful, especially if it has a good story!

If you think you may have something we might be interested in, please feel free to send us some photos. Our e-mail address is theveiledmirror@gmail.com

We would love the opportunity to find a good home for your loved pieces.

* Before you take your antique gold jewelry to a big box estate jewelry store, we humbly ask that you give us the opportunity to make you an offer. Many modern jewelry stores pay melt value for gold and then do just that: melt it. 

To us, the history, craftsmanship and artistry of antique gold jewelry is too important to destroy and for that reason we will never melt it. That, to us, is the equivalent of burning a fine work of art.