Victorian Onyx Forget-Me-Not Mourning Locket

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Victorian Onyx Forget-Me-Not Mourning Locket

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In many cultures it is believed that if you gaze into a blackened reflective surface, you can detect visions of the past, present or future.

This beautiful inky black onyx pendant is so polished, it could act as your own wearable scrying mirror.

However, in the Victorian era, onyx pieces such as this were less about foretelling the future and more about remembering the past.

After Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, died in 1861, she began incorporating onyx and other dark stone jewelry into her mourning attire -- thus creating the association of onyx with grief.

Though it may have been designed for mourning, we think this witchy little number is perfect for immortalizing the present as well as the past.

This gorgeous locket is hand crafted in one single, seamless piece of black onyx. The center has been carved out to allow for the wearer to tuck hair, a photograph or other memento inside to be visible behind a large 14k gold lined glass window.

The front of the locket features a beautiful 3-dimensional forget-me-not flower inset with delicate seed pearls. The large decorative bail makes it easy to accompany many chain sizes.

In Victorian floriography, forget-me-nots carry the symbolic meaning of remembrance, true love and devotion.

Locket comes with a new gold-filled chain.

Additional Details
Date: 1880s
Materials: Onyx, seed pearls, 14k gold, glass, gold filled chain
Measurements: Locket: 1.5" x 1.25" Chain: 18"
Markings: None
Condition: Excellent
There is one tiny chip on the beveled edge of the glass on the back. No other flaws to note.
Cleaning and Care
Wipe with a soft damp cloth if needed. Do not immerse pearls in any type of cleaning solution. It will ruin them.