Late Victorian Beaded Grape Auto Vase

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Late Victorian Beaded Grape Auto Vase

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Before the advent of automotive air conditioning, traveling by car on a hot summer day was anything but pleasant.

The noxious aroma of engine oil blending with pungent smell of body odor permeated the sweltering heat. For those transporting the dead in a hearse, the odor could be even worse.

Fortunately, in 1895, a solution of sorts came about with the invention of the auto vase.

Its name coined by American industrialist and business magnate Henry Ford, the auto vase was a bud vase designed to hold a small bouquet of sweet smelling flowers to help make unsavory car journeys more pleasant.

Often made of glass, crystal, metal or porcelain in varying designs, colors and price, these automotive vases were mounted with a bracket on the dashboard or next to the passenger side window.

They were commonly sold in jewelry stores, auto part shops and even catalogs. Henry Ford loved them so much that he mass produced them and offered them in his parts department.

Once air conditioners started to become commonplace in vehicles in 1939, the auto vases fell by the wayside. 

This beautiful vase was made by the US Glass Company in 1900. It is the largest auto vase the company made, measuring 10 inches. It features the company's popular "Beaded Grape" or "California" pattern and has a lovely scalloped edge. It does not have its original bracket.

Vase has a hole in the back so it can be used as a wall pocket.

Additional Details
Date: 1900
Materials: Glass
Measurements: 10" x 3"
Markings: None
Condition: Very Good
Vase has three shallow scratches on the surface of the glass. This was most likely caused by the original bracket while the vase was in use. They do not go through the glass and the vase does hold water without any leaks. There also is some light, shallow crackling around the edge of the hanging hole, but it does not hurt the integrity of the piece.
Cleaning and Care
Clean with warm soapy water or glass cleaner.