Victorian High Set Opal Solitaire Ring

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Victorian High Set Opal Solitaire Ring

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Shrouded in mystery, superstition and legend, opals might be the most revered and feared stone in history!

The birthstone for October, the word opal comes from the Latin word opalus, meaning precious stone, and from the Greek work opallios, meaning to change color.

This intriguing fiery stone has a rich, storied past transcending cultures and time. Ancient Romans believed opals brought about good fortune and represented hope and purity, while Ancient Greeks believed that opals had a supernatural origin and would bestow the wearer with the gift of foresight and prophecy, as well as guard them from disease.

According to Arabic legend, opals fell from the heavens in flashes of lightning; and in Medieval times, some believed that opals could make the wearer invisible whenever they wished.

Opals were the engagement ring stone of choice until the early 19th century when they fell out of favor thanks to Sir Walter Scotts' 1828 book, "Anne of Geierstein," in which an opal hair ornament brought misfortune and ruin to its owner.

The best selling novel not only started the superstition that opals were bad luck but also single-handedly took down the opal market to the point where they were shunned by members of society.

However, after a huge 1870s opal discovery in Australia -- a British territory at the time -- Queen Victoria began wearing opal jewelry to dispel the superstition. She also presented her friends and five daughters with beautiful opal jewelry to show that there was no merit behind the myth -- and once again, opals saw a rise in popularity.

This stunning opal cabochon solitaire is so fiery it looks like there is an entire rainbow encapsulated in the stone. Dazzling shades of red, blue, yellow and green swirl around with every movement.

Opal has a high profile and is prong set in beautiful 14k yellow gold. The setting of this ring is absolutely gorgeous and unlike any other we have seen!

When you view the ring from above, the opal looks as if it is the center of a flower. However, when viewed from the side, it almost has a wedding cake appearance with lots of ribbon detailing. Even the detailing on the shoulders of the ring are exquisite.

This would be a wonderful engagement ring or a 14th anniversary ring. It is, unfortunately, on the smaller side, however since the rest of the shank is simple, this ring could be resized.

Additional Details
Date: 1890s
Materials: 14k gold, opal
Size: 4.75
Markings: 14
Condition: Very Good
Stone and shanks have light surface scratches consistent with age are wear.
Cleaning and Care
Clean gently with warm soap and water and a soft bristled brush. Do not submerge into any harsh chemicals or jewelry cleaner as it will ruin the opal.