Victorian Mourning Locket with Child's Photo and Pressed Flowers

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Victorian Mourning Locket with Child's Photo and Pressed Flowers

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We made him ready for his rest,
Flowers in his hair, and on his breast
His little hands together prest.
-- From "One Morn I Left Him in His Bed"


Infant and childhood mortality rates were incredibly high during the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

By the mid-1800s, more than 200 out of 1,000 children born died before their first birthday from disease or infections. In Victorian England, a shocking 16% of child deaths occurred from opium overdose, which was often prescribed to aid teething infants.

We don't know the story behind the boy with the sad eyes in this locket, but you can feel the heartbreak just by holding this piece in your hands.

This well-loved scalloped edge locket is made of beautifully decorated brass. It features an engraved overlapping buckle or garter centerpiece, which represents eternity and holding a loved one close.

Inside the locket is a photograph of a young boy peering out from behind a tiny sprig of dried flowers.

Locket comes on a brass chain.

A lovely addition to any mourning collection.

Additional Details
Date: 1890s
Materials: Brass, glass, paper, flowers
Measurements: Locket: 2" x 1.5" Chain: 18"
Markings: None
Condition: Good
It's clear that this piece was well worn and loved. It has light surface scratched, which are more visible in the photos than to the naked eye. There are a few small dents on the front and back of the piece. They are more noticeable on the back than the front. The engraving on the front is ever so slightly worn. It is still highly visible, just not as deep as it would have been when the piece was originally constructed. Some of the buds have fallen off the flower on the inside.
Cleaning and Care
Wipe gently with a damp cloth if needed and gently polish with a polishing cloth. Do not submerge piece into liquid.